Understanding Internet Security Risks for Small Businesses

A significant portion of the global economy is comprised of small businesses. Symantec and National Cyber Security Alliance have conducted a new survey among small businesses in the United States. They found that 67 percent (67%) of these businesses had become more dependent last year on the Internet, and 66 (66%) rely on it for their everyday operations. See https://usergorilla.com/ for get more.

The Internet opens up a world of possibilities for businesses. The Internet and networks are becoming more important business tools for small businesses. They can find new customers or serve customers better.

Strategic Research Corporation reported that seventy percent (70%) small firms that suffered a major file loss were out of business within one year. InsightUK also found that 37% (37%%) of respondents admitted they only back up their files once every month in a related survey. Some users never back it up, which is shocking. These online businesses aren’t installing anti-virus software, anti-spyware or any other security programs on their computers.

Internet security threats can adversely affect business operations and impact profitability as well as customer satisfaction. Cyber criminals and internet frauds cost large amounts of money for businesses. The safety of customers and the business are also compromised. Many victims of identity theft or other Internet crimes are individuals. Internet security can be a serious concern as there are many dangers online.

Cyber criminals have improved their methods, tools, and attack methods. These criminals constantly find new ways to attack companies. They are developing more dynamic and sophisticated methods to steal information. High-tech criminals may steal highly sensitive information but they can attack novice users with the tools available. These criminals don’t care about the size and importance of your businesses. Instead, they focus on how easy it will be to bypass your defenses, steal your information, and that is of great value.

Cyber criminals love small businesses.

Cyber criminals have taken over more than 100 million computers from around the globe and now they are focusing on small businesses. Large corporations are ideal targets due their vast assets. However, small businesses are more susceptible to attack. Small businesses can be targeted because they know that cyber criminals have the weakest defenses. Large companies have implemented security and contingency strategies.

An in-depth look at small businesses reveals that they lack sufficient cyber security training, policies, and protection against hackers and other cybercriminals. They are often unable to afford the necessary resources to either hire or purchase security software. They often rely on low-quality or freeware Internet security software. This makes them easy to target. This low investment in security makes it a very attractive target for criminals.

A firewall and anti-virus and spyware software alone will not protect you from the many threats to your computer and emails. Sometimes, other factors are overlooked, including data loss due to hardware failures.