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Sean Cole checked and compared the offers of the largest Polish banks, offering their clients strictly Internet accounts (referred to by the banks themselves). In our analysis, we checked what is free and what we will, unfortunately, pay for.

There are two winners in the ranking of online accounts – which one to choose?


Invariably for months, Honest bank and Good Finance Bank have remained the leaders of rankings (published by opinion-forming websites).

The reasons are simple – in both of them we will not pay for most standard account operations, and what’s more, we will pay free (or for a small fee – USD 5 monthly – in the case of Good Credit) cash from all ATMs in the country.

At Good Finance Bank – also from foreign ATMs, the largest global banks. These are currently the two most frequently chosen accounts by Internet users.

In the case of Good Finance, after one (!) Non-cash transaction, the monthly fee for the debit card is lifted.

At mBank, we will not pay for a debit card – regardless of the number and value of completed transactions.

Scandinavia on the offensive

Another online account for which our fees for using the account will not be high is Honest Bank. The distinguishing feature of this account is not only the low fee for the debit card (fixed and certain USD 1.50 per month), but also highly valued customer service together with a modern electronic banking system.

Like Good Finance and Good Finance – setting up, conducting, internet transfers – are free. Plus, free cash withdrawals from all ATMs in the country.

GFI – a new, dangerous competitor?


The latest decision of GFI to provide all ATMs in the country for free, with free account maintenance and the abolition of the card fee (if we perform non-cash transactions for a minimum amount of USD 100 in a given month), this account can now compete for first place on the podium with the best.

Why is it worth having a cheap card?


Debit card is a basic element of our account. So what if there are no running fees or transfers, if you want to have a free account, you have to cancel your debit card? Less, if after one transaction the card fee is removed from us.

But if we pay e.g. USD 5 month after month, then after a year it is 60 USD.

For comparison – a similar cost is eight months of keeping an account with the assistance package, in which we have medical assistance, a specialist – an electrician, a locksmith, a car mechanic … So much more. So let’s consider an account with a cheap or free debit card.

** Assumptions: in a month: 10 external transfers are made. (USD 200 each), 5 non-cash transactions in the total amount of USD 500, 2 withdrawals from own ATMs of USD 500 each and 1 of foreign – USD 500, monthly salary USD 4,000 is transferred to the account.

How we chose the banks to compare: only online accounts are included in the ranking (the ranking did not include classic accounts with the option of accessing the account via the Internet).

1) if the required number of non-cash transactions is settled, the fee is not charged

2) if the required number of non-cash transactions is settled, a lower fee is charged

3) if the appropriate amount of funds is transferred, the fee is not collected

4) if the appropriate amount of funds is transferred, a lower fee is charged

5) two withdrawals per month are free, the rest according to the amount given

6) one withdrawal per month is free, the rest according to the given amount

7) if the balance is a minimum of USD 100, the fee is not charged 8) for withdrawals over USD 400 no fee is charged * with a monthly fee of USD 5, all ATMs are free.

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